Popular YouTubers Rhett & Link targeted by Instagram hackers

by Virginia Glaze
Wikia / Adobe Stock


Comedy duo Rhett & Link, known for their popular YouTube show ‘Good Mythical Morning,’ have become the target of hackers, who have taken over their Instagram account with a slew of questionable posts.


The hackers in question have uploaded a series of posts to the YouTubers’ Instagram account, which claim that the duo is giving away a slew of free iPhones - among other exclusive Apple products.

“Heyyy guys!” the posts read. “I’m giving away 450 free iPhone X’s and Apple Watches on my Instagram stories RIGHT NOW! Claim one before they are all gone! Love you guys so much.”


The scammers promised users an exclusive iPhone X giveaway - prompting an outpouring concern from fans.

Although each post garnered thousands of likes, no comments can be found on any of the offending photos - prompting an outpouring of concern from fans.

“What’s going on with their account?” one fan asked.

“Damn, you guys really got hacked,” wrote another.

Fans commented on the apparent scam on the duo's photos. Thus far, the YouTubers have yet to respond.


Rhett James McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln ‘Link’ Neal III boast a massive online following, with over 2.3 million Instagram followers and over 14 million subscribers on YouTube.

The two are best known for their popular comedy series, ‘Good Mythical Morning,’ which covers a variety of topics and has seen a slew of notable guests, including the likes of YouTube king Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg, among others.

The scam promised an iPhone X giveaway, along with other Apple products.


The duo have since responded to the hackers on their Twitter account, poking fun at the debacle with a hilarious gif of Link looking at a headless toy soldier. Their shared Instagram account is now back in proper working order, with no posts left to scam unwitting fans.