Popular Twitch extension BTTV stands against PogChamp emote removal

Twitch PogChamp emoteTwitch / BetterTTV

The creators behind one of the most widely used Twitch extensions, ‘BetterTTV’ (BTTV), have refused to pull PogChamp emotes from its service in light of recent controversy.

Despite the January 6 announcement from Twitch that PogChamp emotes would be removed from the platform, BTTV will still be carrying forward with the icon and all of its variations.

As a result of controversial statements from the “face of the emote,” Twitch moved to wipe its slate clean of any association.

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The removal of the global emote sent shockwaves throughout the streaming community. Many of the most popular content creators were understanding, however, even offering new suggestions so that the “sentiment and use of Pog [can] live on.”

Just 24 hours removed from the announcement though, and one of the most widespread extensions has no plans to follow suit. BTTV has long been a popular browser extension and its users will still be able to share PogChamps in chat moving forward.

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“BTTV has never removed emotes due to controversies,” its leader ‘Night’ said in a statement to Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau. Regardless of recent drama, it “likely won’t result” in the removal of PogChamp emotes either.

“Users have the ability of choice on our platform,” they added. This means that avid Twitch chatters will still be able to get their fix through the third-party extension. 

The emotes won’t be accessible on the base version of Twitch moving forward, though BTTV users will still be able to share Pogs around as before.

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Not only does this pertain to the standard PogChamp emote, but also its many variations. From POGGERS to PogU and everything in between, the global emote took on a life of its own.

Similar third party extension FrankerFaceZ (FFZ) took the opposite stance in response to the news. “We’ll be removing depictions of the person from FFZ, but it may take some time,” they confirmed on January 7.

“We’re always grateful we get to be part of the continued evolution of emote culture and positive Twitch community symbolism.

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Twitch has plans to allow for the spirit of the emote to live on in some capacity. We already have a few novel ideas from the community. It’s only a matter of time until we see what the Amazon-backed platform has in store.

Meanwhile, PogChamp and all of its variations are still accessible through BTTV. It doesn’t appear as though that will be changing anytime soon.

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