Popular FIFA Streamer Castro1021 Gets Baited into Dabbing for the WRONG Reason

by Albert Petrosyan


Sometimes the internet can be a relentlessly unforgiving place for those who are not paying attention.

With there being so many pranksters and trolls who have too much time on their hands, no one is truly safe from getting pranked online.


One platform where getting trolled is commonplace is Twitch, which has an online chat and donation system that allows viewers to directly communicate with streamers.

The latest victim of this was popular Twitch streamer and FIFA YouTuber Edwin 'Castro1021' Castro, who was caught off guard by a hilarious donation message.


Castro was live-streaming a FIFA 18 pack opening on his Twitch channel when he packed a high rated player, which resulted in him becoming excited and jubilant.

However, that also led to him losing focus, and that was when a perfectly timed donation came through and caught him flat-footed.


His facial expression after hearing the ending of the donation message was hilarious, and after a moment of shock and disbelief, he began smiling as he realized he had been successfully baited into dabbing for a horribly wrong reason.

This should be yet another lesson and example to all streamers out there that not every donation is worth listening to, no matter the amount.