‘Pool streamer’ Taylor Jevaux responds to Twitch streamers “shaming” her content

Taylor JevauxInstagram: taylorjevaux, Twitch

Twitch’s most popular so-called ‘pool streamer’ Taylor Jevaux’s has come under fire from some fellow content creators, and she’s taken the time to respond to claims that her content is causing harassment. 

As the ongoing debate around Twitch’s ‘hot tub meta’ continues, streamers from all different categories have taken their time to weigh in on the trend.

Popular streamer Malena to voiced her concerns over the new genre, promptly sparking a response from Amouranth, the most popular hot tub streamer.

As the saga continues to unfold, popular “pool streamer” Taylor Jevaux has responded to other creators hating on her content and accusing it of normalizing harassment.

Taylor Javeux

In her YouTube video entitled “Responding to Streamers Shaming my Content,” Jevaux discussed the allegations that other Twitch streamers have made against her.

Highlighting that this “is not going to be a bashing stream,” she proceeds to explain that another female content creator felt that “their harassment has gotten worse because of content like [hers.]”

“I just want to say that I don’t think there’s any excuse for saying women are the reason for others harassing in chat. Let’s stop and change the narrative of ‘this is women’s fault,’ because it’s truly not something that women are doing. We should make sure that people are held responsible for their own harassment.”

She concludes that “as streamers on this platform I think it’s so important to sympathize with one another. Understand that we are all in the same boat, and if the issue is harassment then let’s stop bashing other women and bashing other streamers and get to the core of the problem.”

Her final message is this: “I think that if we can come together as opposed to dividing and saying ‘this content’s wrong and this content’s right,’ I think we can work together to make a change.”

It seems like Jevaux has little else to say on the subject, especially since she’s netted three separate bans from the platform. The most recent of these, on May 7, lasted three days. Taylor has not confirmed the reason for the most recent ban, and Twitch does not comment on community guideline violations to respect the privacy of users.