Police shut down massive FaZe Clan meetup at Fortnite World Cup pop-up

by Albert Petrosyan
ses7- Flickr / Banks - Twitter


Thousands of fans showed up to FaZe Clan's pop-up shop at the Fortnite World Cup in New York on July 26, and the crowd ended up being larger than what the police would allow. 


In honor of having several of their Fortnite pro players competing at the World Cup this weekend, FaZe Clan decided to open up an impromptu store at a nearby Sporting Goods store, the first time the organization had ever done a standalone pop-up.

While it was expected that a lot of fans would show up, the sheer scale of the crowd ended up being larger than what anyone could have imagined.


According to FaZe Clan co-founder Ricky 'Banks' Banks, who really put together this whole project, thousands of people showed up, clogging a solid 15 blocks in New York City, to the point where the police decided to take action.

"This is f*cked," he tweeted. "Thousands and thousands turned out. It looks like this for 15 solid blocks. Unreal. Speechless. I f*cking love you guys more than you'll ever know. Literally the craziest meetup of all time. Police shut it down, I'm sorry. Peep everyone's socials."


Banks went on to reveal that, despite the police officers' wishes to keep FaZe members out of the streets, he went out to greet some of the fans, calling the experience "humbling."

"'We want Banks, we want Banks...' Shit is so humbling. Don't worry, I heard you and told NYPD to fuck themselves. Ran out of the bus and made sure I said what's up. FaZe the fuck up family."


Superstar streamer Nick 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff, one of the newest members of FaZe, also confirmed that they weren't being allowed to go outside and greet the fans, since there were "way too many."

"Wish I could have said what up to more people but, to be honest, there were too many!" he tweeted. "Security won't let us out there - y'all lit!"

In addition to Banks and NICKMERCS, there were numerous top members of the organization present at the shop, including the likes of Temperrr, Rain, Replays, Sway, H1ghSky1, Blaze, and many others.

FaZe have major presence at Fortnite World Cup

FaZe Clan have six members who will be competing for a share of the $30 million prize pool in this weekend's Fortnite World Cup, including Nate Hill, Funk, Dubs, Megga, Mongraal, and Vorwenn.

Dubs, Megga, Mongraal, and Funk all qualified for both the Solos and Duos events, earning the opportunity to walk away with potentially life-changing amounts of prize money.