Police investigating skydiving accident that killed TikToker Tania Pardazi

tanya pardazi deadInstagram: tanyapardazi

TikToker Tania Pardazi died on August 27 in a skydiving accident. Local police issued an appeal for information, in an attempt to investigate the tragedy. Law enforcement do not expect any concerning issues to arise.

Though police don’t suspect anything suspicious, they are conducting active investigations to discover what exactly happened when TikToker Tania Pardazi passed away.

For those unaware, Tania Pardazi was a 21-year-old influencer, popular on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. Pardazi was found critically injured after a skydiving jump, and though she was rushed to the hospital, she passed away shortly upon arrival.

tanya pardazi deadInstagram: Tanya Pardazi
Tania Pardazi died on August 27 after a skydiving accident

Tania Pardazi’s Death Investigation

As previously mentioned, the police aren’t suspecting anything suspicious. In essence, they don’t think anybody was trying to kill her, and they believe the incident to be purely an accident.

According to Global News, the spokesperson for South Simcoe Police told them: “We often issue multiple appeals in investigations as part of due diligence. We can never assume we reach everyone we may need to reach with one appeal.”

The spokesperson continued, telling Global News: “There has been much discussion surrounding this incident on social media due to Tania’s high profile and we would like to hear directly from people if they have information that might assist the investigation.”

The owner of the Skydiving business is helping the police, cooperating as to facilitate the investigation.

A statement from Skydive Toronto claims that Pardazi “released a quickly rotating main parachute at a low altitude without the time/altitude required for the reserve parachute to inflate,” meaning she reportedly didn’t deploy her parachute in time.

This latest news follows another unfortunate TikToker death as teenager was reportedly shot and killed while filming TikTok dance video in August.