Pokimane warns against Buccal fat removal trend

Pokimane warns against buccal fat removal trendWarner Bros. Pictures / YouTube: Pokimane

Twitch star Pokimane reacted to the current Buccal fat removal trend, warning her fans against the viral procedure in a body-positive TikTok video.

Beauty standards change with the times. From the 90’s ‘Heroin Chic’ to the current curvy body envy, body trends come and go like seasons… and the latest one hitting everyone’s For You Pages is celebrating sharp cheekbones and distinct jawlines.

The look is attributed to a procedure called ‘buccal fat removal,’ which aims to thin the fat on the cheeks to achieve a more sculpted look via surgery. Celebrities rumored to have participated in the trend include actress Zoe Kravitz, who brought her iconic pout to 2022’s The Batman.

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It’s no secret that the look is going viral online, to the point where influencers are doing their best to mimic the surgery with extreme contouring using makeup… but not everyone’s into this latest fad.

Pokimane warns fans against “rushing into” buccal fat removal surgery

Popular Twitch streamer Imane ‘Pokimane‘ Anys spoke out about buccal fat removal in a recent TikTok video, where she claimed she was glad she had “chubby cheeks” in her early twenties, as her face has slimmed out since then.

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“I see so many people talk about buccal fat removal and young people hating their chubby cheeks,” she began. “So I wanna tell you what I told myself at this age, when I didn’t like my chubby cheeks.”

“I told myself, okay, I might hate that I look like a baby now, but I’ll appreciate it when I’m older.”

She also warned her viewers against “rushing” into a surgery at a young age, instead advocating for other methods and embracing their current “baby” faces.

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“Just a friendly reminder, especially to anybody who’s young — throughout your twenties, your face will still continue to change a little bit. There are also lots of natural ways you can improve your face shape. …but please don’t feel the need to rush into a procedure just because of a little cute baby fat.”

This isn’t the first time Pokimane has spoken out about her thoughts on plastic surgery. Last year, the streamer called out “deceitful” influencers for lying about going under the knife and instead claiming they’d achieved their look naturally.

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