Pokimane teases Twitch return with new streaming room amid “mental reset” hiatus

Pokimane teases twitch returnTwitter/pokimanelol

Twitch icon Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has teased her return to streaming after taking a month-long hiatus to reset mentally.

Pokimane is one of the biggest streamers in the world today and second only to hot tub streamer Amouranth as the most-watched female broadcaster of 2022 so far.

However, streaming so much can take a toll on a person’s mental health, and in July, Pokimane announced she would be taking a break from streaming to reset mentally – something she said was essential to the longevity of her career.

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Now, it seems like that hiatus is almost over, as the popular streamer is returning to social media to tease her comeback with some major upgrades to her Twitch content in the form of a new streaming room.

pokimanetwitch (2)Twitch/Pokimane
Pokimane is ranked second for most-watched female streamers.

Pokimane explains why she hasn’t returned to Twitch yet

In a post on her personal Twitter, Anys thanked fans for their positive comments on a photo she had posted the day prior and revealed there are some big plans in the works.

“My new stream room isn’t finished yet,” she said. “I’ll announce a return-to-stream date soon.”

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Yes, it’s true that this is an announcement of an announcement, but on the bright side, it seems like Pokimane could be back on Twitch very soon, depending on the progress made on her streaming room.

It wasn’t that long ago that YouTube legend PewDiePie roasted Pokimane’s old streaming room, prompting her to upgrade it.

The transformation ended up earning the Swede’s respect, but it seems like Poki is far from finished.

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There’s no telling what this new streaming room will look like, but given the money at Anys’ disposal, chances are it’s going to be the envy of gamers everywhere when she ends up unveiling it.

Plus, Pokimane has assured fans that her new setup will be much different than prior incarnations because “half her stuff broke during her move.”

Hopefully, fans won’t have long to wait for a refreshed Pokimane to start making content again and potentially overtake Amouranth as the top female streamer as she recovers from her hot tub literally exploding.

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