Pokimane stunned after learning how much Twitch chat influences HAchubby

Hachubby looks shocked while Pokimane laughsTwitch: Pokimane / HAchubby

On a recent trip to the United States, Korean streamer HAchubby sat down with Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys for a broadcast and shocked the Twitch star with how much her chat has influenced her English skills.

HAchubby was one of the breakout channels of Twitch in 2019, as the lovable personality grew her following by learning to speak English with her viewers.

However, while visiting popular streamer Pokimane, the Korean had the Offline TV member in tears of laughter when she discovered how much chat’s meme culture has influenced her.

Instagram: @hachubbytv
The Korean streamer exploded in popularity on Twitch in 2019.

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HAchubby reveals how much Twitch has influenced her English 

HAchubby made an appearance on the 23-year-old’s stream, where the two discussed a variety of topics, including how she learned English with the help of viewers that tuned into her broadcasts.

Explaining, the Korean exclaimed, “In eight months stream, I’m just learning kappa, MonkaS…” which caused the Offline TV streamer to laugh as she rattled off popular Twitch lingo.

She then pointed out “This is my English! I can’t talk normal human!” which caused her friend to break down into hysterics as she couldn’t stop laughing at how much chat had shaped her second language.

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Poki told the streamer that chat is not the best place to learn things, because it’s mostly memes. And instead gave her advice on how to better learn a new language.

“What you need to do is watch English TV with subtitles. It’s so good, and helps so much. If you move to Los Angeles, you would learn English in six months. Done!” she said.

HAchubby seemed shocked by this and exclaimed “seriously?” to which the Twitch star replied “If you are in the environment, so fast!”

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Despite English being a second language, HAchubby actually impressed Pokimane with how much she already knew, even if a lot of it was influenced by meme and Twitch lingo.

At the time of writing, the Korean has over 160,000 followers, which is an astonishing number considering a year ago she had under 600 viewers, making her growth all the more impressive.