Pokimane slams Twitch viewers who make her look “inappropriate” in clips

pokimane-twitch-viewers-inappropriate-clipsTwitch: Pokimane

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys slammed Twitch viewers who purposefully try to make her look “inappropriate” in clips, claiming they use it as a means to justify speaking about her sexually.

Poki has had to deal with haters for a long time now. However, things kicked up a notch in January 2022 when she was forced to end her stream after Jidion encouraged fans to flood her chat with hateful comments.

Jidion has since been permanently banned on the platform. He also apologized and admitted that what he did was wrong, although he did try to appeal the ban, which was rejected.

Despite the controversy ending, Poki is still dealing with the fallout.

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The Twitch star revealed people have been going out of their way to dig up old footage of her doing things like sticking her tongue out and stringing them together in clips to make her look “inappropriate.”

pokimane-twitch-fans-exist-double-standardsTwitch: Pokimane
As one of the world’s largest streamers, Pokimane is no stranger to haters.

“I see people in the pits of my mentions. This is their f**king logic,” she explained. “They literally go through the last however many years of my streaming, and they will clip things together to make me look inappropriate.”

Poki said people use these clips to justify speaking about her sexually. She also said that it still wouldn’t be okay even if they were talking about a more sexual person. “That’s disgusting sh*t. That’s sh*tty logic either way.”

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“You went through years of me streaming to clip together moments where I stick my tongue out, or that I’m mad that I died, and you clip them together intentionally to make me look sexual when I wasn’t even being sexual. That’s crazy.”

“You’re bending over backward to prove a sh*tty point. Like, there’s truly no saving people like that. They will also include a sexual joke, and they’re like: ‘This is you being sexual, so other people can talk about you getting d*cked down every night.’”

It’s not the first time Poki has spoken about the issue. In October 2020, she hit back at “perverts” who clip everyday scenarios and frame them in a way to look more sexual.

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However, recent controversies have only made it more prominent, with the Twitch star trying to curb the harassment.