Pokimane slams “selfish” Ned Fulmer after Try Guys cheating drama

Pokimane TwitchTwitch: Pokimane

Twitch star Pokimane has weighed in on the recent Try Guys drama, calling Ned Fulmer “selfish” for allegedly cheating on his wife.

On September 27, The Try Guys dismissed long-time member Ned Fulmer after allegations that he cheated on his wife Ariel Fulmer with a member of their production team.

Fulmer issued a statement shortly after, claiming that he “lost focus” and had a “consensual workplace relationship.”

Twitch star Pokimane has weighed in on the drama, calling Ned “selfish” for cheating on his wife with whom he has a kid.

Pokimane slams “selfish” Ned Fulmer

During a Twitch stream on September 29, Pokimane and her viewers went over the recent allegations against Ned Fulmer.

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After looking over several videos and comments from both The Try Guys and Ned, Poki shared her thoughts about Ned cheating on his wife, given the fact that they have a child together.

“I feel like that is one of the most selfish things you can possibly do because now you’re likely imposing trauma on your partner and your child,” she explained. “That’s really so sad.”

She went on to explain that it’s “bad enough” when you’re dating someone that cheats on you but says that it’s “a lot easier” to cut ties.

Once you make the decision to get married, have kids, and start building things together, however, it’s extremely harder to separate yourself from your partner.

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