Pokimane slams Invadervie for shaming unsubscribed Twitch viewers

Pokimane, Invadervie - Twitch

The Twitch community exploded with outrage after streamer ‘Invadervie’ shamed her unsubscribed viewers in a rant that quickly went viral — and even superstar ‘Pokimane’ is calling out her divisive opinions.

Invadervie sparked backlash across the net due to her pointed speech to her unsubscribed viewers, appearing to shame them over not “supporting the entertainment [they] enjoy” with a $5 subscription and even calling them “cheapskates.”

“…it doesn’t matter how broke you are,” the streamer argued. “If you have time to watch Twitch, you have ten dollars, truly. If you don’t have ten dollars, you probably don’t have time to watch Twitch, because you should be working.”

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A clip from her stream quickly caught fire on social media, catching the attention of fellow broadcasting star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys, one of Twitch’s top streamers and a huge internet personality.

Anys addressed the issue in a series of equally pointed tweets, arguing that Invadervie’s position essentially cancels itself out if five dollars is, indeed, an easily affordable fee for watching her broadcasts.

“If five dollars is an irrelevant amount of money, then she shouldn’t need the five dollars from your subscription,” she wrote. “If she argues, ‘It adds up if multiple people give me the five dollars though,’ then she should realize it works the same way when it comes to spending.”

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That’s not all; Pokimane went on to note that many viewers are tight on cash due to their own personal financial situations, and threw some major shade toward Invadervie’s divisive opinions, in the process.

“Not to mention that tons of people watch streams after a day of hard work, or while being broke college students, or a multitude of other situations where they need to be more frugal,” she continued. “Get these sh**ty takes off my TL and off my streaming platform.”

Pokimane isn’t the only streamer to have hit back at Invadervie’s viral rant, either; former Overwatch pro xQc also clapped back at her controversial opinion, calling them, “a f**king zero-head, brain-dead f**king take.”

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Invadervie’s April rant against unsubscribed viewers echoes that of Twitch streamer BadBunny, who similarly went viral in January for an almost identical tirade against unsubbed viewers, showing that this latest development is, unfortunately, nothing new.