Pokimane shares hilarious voice message from Valkyrae after “weird” stranger encounter

Twitch: Pokimane / YouTube: Valkyrae

Popular streamer Valkyrae had some strong words of advice for Pokimane after the Twitch star shared a disturbing account of how she was harassed by a stranger while alone at night.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is the most-followed woman on Twitch, boasting over 8 million fans on the streaming platform.

While she often updates fans about her day on social media, the streamer gave viewers quite a shock after claiming she’d been harassed by a man while walking alone at night in Los Angeles.

Pokimane stated that she’d been walking through a parking lot when a man shouted some suggestive comments at her from across the way — including the quip, “I wanna see what’s under that skirt.”

PokimaneTwitch: Pokimane
Pokimane is Twitch’s most-followed female broadcaster, who recently resigned with the platform after her previous two-year contract expired.

Anys discussed the disturbing event again during her Twitch stream the next day, claiming she was “baffled” by the “omega cringe” ordeal.

“It feels really bad and really weird to have that happen in person,” she said of the situation. “…this kind of stuff is not funny. It’s not okay. I don’t know these people.”

Pokimane then lightened the mood somewhat by sharing a humorous voice message from fellow streamer Valkyrae, who’d sent a memo after seeing Poki’s Instagram stories posts.

Pokimane instagram storyInstagram: Pokimane
Pokimane initially chronicled the incident on her Instagram stories.

Valkyrae reacts after Pokimane shares story of being harassed by stranger

“I just saw your Insta story, and I just wanna say, if you ever walk alone at night ever again, I am going to f**king murder you!” Valkyrae shouted.

“You are not allowed to be outside by yourself in the dark in LA ever again! Ever, Imane! I’m so glad you’re safe, but what the f**k?”

Anys couldn’t contain her laughter after playing the message for her viewers.

“I was like bro, I was alone for like, I s**t you not, two minutes!” Pokimane replied.

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Luckily, Anys made it home safe and sound – but she shared the incident as a way to “spread some awareness that this happens a lot, please be kind and stay safe, and look out for your friends.”