Pokimane shaken up after “uncomfortable” experience with flirty Uber driver

Pokimane shares uncomfortable uber driver experienceYouTube: Pokimane Too / Unsplash.com - Humphrey Muleba

Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys went live on March 16 to describe an “uncomfortable” experience she went through during an Uber ride the day prior, after her driver got a bit too flirty while flying down the highway.

Anys first described the incident in a series of tweets on March 15, live-posting the hairy situation from her ride.

In her tweets, the streamer claimed that her driver wouldn’t stop asking for her phone number, and even “refused to take no for an answer” — all while “zooming through the highway and 20 mins from [her] destination.”

“I’ve never had someone ask for my number,” she said of the incident. “I say no thanks, and they… literally don’t stop asking or pressuring me…. I — I?? I’m paying for your service on top of that, sir.”

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Pokimane also claimed that the driver said she could remove her mask while in the car with him — a sure sign that pointed to what she called a “wack trip.”

She went live sometime later to describe the drive in more detail, claiming that it was the most “uncomfortable” encounter she’s had.

“I have never been in a situation that uncomfortable,” Pokimane said. “Like, will an Uber driver hit on you, or kind of push the boundary a bit? Sure, maybe sometimes. But for them to have the gall — the absolute audacity — to ask for your number as you’re paying them for your service, and when you say no, keep pushing?”

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“I didn’t know what to do, because I had just never been in that situation. In particular, because their driving — we’re literally zooming through the highway right now, and you’re pressuring me to give you my number. There’s just something a little bit frightening about that.”

Luckily, the streamer returned home safely — although she did admit to giving him a one-star rating. However, did not report him, as some fans had called for, stating that she was afraid he would know it was her while also citing concerns that he already knows where she lives.

Thus far, fans have shown ample support for Pokimane, with many sharing their own concerning interactions with Uber and Lyft drivers.

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