Pokimane upset after Among Us dispute with xQc

Pokimane and xQc pose next to the red Among Us character.YouTube: Pokimane / Twitch: xQc

Superstar streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys got frustrated while playing Among Us with fellow Twitch star Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel, questioning how enjoyable his lobbies really are.

Among Us is an investigation game that features two sides for players to play as – the Crewmates who do tasks and finish objectives and the Impostors who sabotage and kill the crew.

With the game recently skyrocketing to popularity on Twitch, streamers have united and have started to play with each other, which has produced some hilarious content, although perhaps not for everyone involved.

Pokimane is no beginner when it comes to the game as she’s played and streamed with other content creators before. But when it comes to xQc and his Among Us lobbies, she’s found them to be “not the most enjoyable” amid her annoyances with how the matches go.

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Among Us taking over Twitch

During a match in which she was an imposter, the group of players was discussing what they did during the first round, as is the normal procedure.

However, Poki suddenly founder herself facing accusations in the last couple of seconds and wasn’t given enough time to make her plea against xQc’s accusations, immediately getting reported off, which caused her to get frustrated.

“That was such a last-second Andy sh*t and of course, if it’s xQc, we must all listen.” she yelled “Literally, imagine we have three seconds to plead your case and then just boom you’re dead. Not going to lie, that makes the lobby not the most enjoyable.”

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It’s easy to see why Pokimane would get annoyed by that – with barely any time left on the voting countdown, it almost seems unfair that she would get eliminated without having the chance to defend herself.

Much of that time was taken by xQc himself when he was taking control of the game’s chat, which is likely why she mentioned him in her post-elimination comments.

But, that’s the nature of the game, which has more to do with how people manipulate the communications than the actual truth itself of what took place. So maybe Poki can start using that tactic in her own favor, although maybe not in xQc’s lobbies anytime soon.

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