Pokimane reveals how she really feels about Hasan amid relationship rumors

Pokimane, HasanAbi - Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is no stranger to the internet’s hilarious antics, thanks to her many, awkward interactions with fans – but one particular meme caused her to grimace in disgust during a live broadcast.

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Pokimane was holding a joint stream with popular Twitch personality ‘Greekgodx’ on June 15 when he brought up a series of memes for her to react to on camera – one of which hinted at a sexual relationship between herself and fellow streamer HasanAbi.

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While fans have speculated that Pokimane and Hasan were secretly seeing each other in the past, the meme appeared to put Pokimane off, enough for her to visibly recoil in disgust and claim that she found the joke “gross.”

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Twitch: PokimaneHasan’s appearance on Pokimane’s stream during TwitchCon Europe 2019 sent ripples of speculation across the internet.

“I’m sorry, this is really gross,” Pokimane began, giving the camera a grimace. “I really don’t like this. Ehh…. nu-uh. You know, I actually tried… to separate myself from people once all that started happening. It was just gross.”

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Greek agreed with Pokimane’s take on the meme, laughingly asking her to say that she found it “weird.”

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HasanAbi was later made aware of Pokimane’s comments on the subject, which he reacted to during his own stream on June 17.

Hasan didn’t seem to have much to say on the subject, giving the camera a knowing look before simply saying, “Cool.” He went on to look down at his phone in what many viewers perceived to be genuine hurt at Pokimane’s statement.

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This wouldn’t be the first time Pokimane has addressed rumors of a relationship between herself and Hasan, by far: the streamer responded to similar speculation in early May, after fellow Twitch streamer ‘Invadervie’ claimed that the two were getting physical behind the scenes.

Pokimane was quick to debunk Invadervie’s allegations, claiming that the rumors “baffled” her.

“…I know random LSF comments will speculate about my private life, but to see another streamer (and one that I’m acquainted with), make such large assumptions and then proceed to state them as fact on their stream feels really disrespectful and invasive,” she said of the debacle. “Thank you to those that didn’t take this as gospel, but instead got her to clarify on why she said it (which was just because he was smiling at me). Not cool, Vie.”

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Pokimane is one of Twitch’s most popular female content creators, boasting over three million followers on the site as of June 18.

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