Pokimane reveals plans to hold online trolls accountable for their actions

Pokimane on Twitch streamPokimane, Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer Pokimane has revealed her intentions to introduce legislation that would hold people accountable for their online actions.

The internet can be a wonderful place, full of memes, communities and friendships. But, like many things, a few bad apples can ruin it.

With the ability to have full anonymity online, there are few consequences for internet trolls and they’re incredibly difficult to identify and stop.

However, Twitch star Pokimane is looking to change that, revealing her intentions to introduce legislation that would finally hold people accountable for their actions online.

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Pokimane reveals massive legislation plans

In a December 23 livestream, Pokimane opened up about her legislation idea, revealing she’d even be willing to speak in front of politicians to argue the case.

“I would like to facilitate the creation of legislation that holds people accountable for the actions that they do online,” she said. “I don’t know if I should get into the details because it might rattle some folks, but yes.

“I think there are some organizations that are involved with certain causes and I’ll be like listen, if you ever need someone, I’m your girl.”

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She added: “Because I think if you want to pass a bill like you usually go in front of a group of politicians and you explain your cause. I’ll do it. I will do it. I have so many things to say.”

Pokimane has frequently been on the receiving end of harassment from trolls, knowing first hand how much it can affect the recipients.

Though, noting herself that it may rattle some people, some were hesitant as to whether or not this would be a step in the right direction and make significant change.

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