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Entertainment • May 28, 2019

Pokimane offers to refund donation after roasting viewer's car

Pokimane offers to refund donation after roasting viewer's car
Car Domain / Pokimane - Twitch

Twitch streamer Imane 'Pokimane' Anys is no stranger to creepy viewers, but sometimes she gets fed up with them and has to dish some of the toxicity back.


Being a streamer on the internet opens the door to a lot of creepiness and that is amplified significantly if you're a female broadcaster.

Pokimane does her best to remain calm, cool, and collected in light of all this but sometimes she has to get her jabs in there when she can when someone crosses the line.

Instagram: PokimaneLoL
Pokimane gets creepy comments every stream.


Do you want me to refund you?

During a stream on May 26, Pokimane received a donation that started off applauding how she deals with trolls, before quickly devolving into a creepy comment like many of the other donations are.

"All these losers hitting on you in dono messages must get old after a while huh," said the message. "You can tell me all about it over dinner sometime. I can pick you up in my 1998 Toyota Tercel."

Since the donor namedropped his car, Poki decided to look up what it looks like on Google, and that led her to quickly feel bad for the guy.

"Do you want me to refund the $5 because honestly it looks like you could use it more than I could," she asked. "I got you dog, do you want it back?"


That donator got shut down very fast and it seems safe to say that he probably won't be donating again any time soon.

It's hard to be mad at Pokimane in this situation because she gets people like this all day and sometimes enough is enough.

Besides, it's definitely not the worst thing she could've done at all, and maybe this will deter the next person who plans on donating something creepy to not do it at all.

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