Pokimane mortified after discovering comical relation to League of Legends' Teemo

. 3 years ago

Popular streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys was in complete disbelief after finally seeing the stark similarity she shares with infamous League of Legends champion Teemo.

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Pokimane is known for a variety of content including IRL streams, podcasts and the like, but fans have come to admire her prowess in Riot Games’ MOBA.

In an April 16 stream, Pokimane was taking questions about and watching clips of her recent trip to Paris when one fan linked her a video that finally sparked the realization so many people have noticed for a while.

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Pokimane Twitter
It took the popular streamer a little while to finally see the connection with Teemo.

Teemo and Pokimane laugh in the same language

In a clip called “teemo pokiAww,” Pokimane can be seen running by the camera when she gives off a small chuckle that surprised the streamer after watching it for a third time.

“What the fuck was my laugh at the beginning of that,” Pokimane said before her realization. “Oh my god, that really does sound like Teemo! Holy shit! I didn’t really hear it until now. Oh my god!”

In her disbelief, the streamer went to YouTube to hear Teemo’s laugh on repeat. After which the realization was starting to sink in leading her to jokingly say: “I need to off myself.”

What’s a Teemo?

For those who don’t know, Teemo is one of League of Legends’ original champions and has stayed popular throughout the game’s life due to his immense cuteness, among other reasons.

Teemo is a Yordle, who are spirits beings in League of Legends mythos who typically take the shape of short bipeds. A major reason for Teemo being so well known is because of the chaos and calamity he can cause for anyone who doesn’t know how to play against him.

His kit has everything from indefinite invisibility to a blinding poison dart to hidden explosive mushrooms.

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Riot Games
The iconic yordle’s laughter can strike fear into a lot of lower ranked players.

Teemo also has a menacing laugh that can be heard throughout the game as well as, apparently, on Pokimane’s stream.

The streamer’s Twitch Chat seemed to enjoy the connection, and Pokimane did too since she immediately contacted her editor to collaborate on some form of content for the newly confirmed discovery.

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