Pokimane makes Twitch hater delete their account after stream clapback

Twitch: Pokimane

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has been in the Twitch spotlight more than ever in the last week, and that has attracted its fair share of haters into her chat. However, she’s toppled one of them, with a stream clapback ultimately leading one critic to delete their Twitch account.

Between getting hate raided a week ago by Jidion, to lawsuit threats from Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, Pokimane has been in the spotlight more than usual.

While the Twitch star is not new to all the attention, there has been intense divide and harassment in the last week.

She has addressed a number of the controversies every day, including accepting Jidion’s apology following his now-permanent ban, and waiting for Ninja and his wife Jessica Blevins to follow through with their legal threat.

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Pokimane talks on her Twitch stream.Twitch: Pokimane
Pokimane has been in the middle of plenty of Twitch drama this week.

Poki has also had to deal with a number of smaller trolls coming into her Twitch chat with harassment. On January 19 though, she got the better of one of them after singling out their comment on why they dislike her streams: “Not having you because you’re a woman, hating Twitch corruption.”

“Go on, what part of Twitch is corrupted? Is this you? Tell me more. I’ll give you a couple of minutes if you want to consult with anyone to get the response, and then I’ll refresh this,” she said.

Pokimane waited a couple of minutes for a reply, but user ‘markbeausng’ was nowhere to be seen. “This dude ran. Yo Mark, where you at? We’re waiting. I want you to break it down for me please,” the Twitch star doubled down.

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However, when she refreshed the page again, they were gone. It said the account had been “suspended or deactivated” ⁠— a first in Pokimane’s eight-year career, she added ⁠— and she was shocked.

“I’ve never had this happen. I think he deleted his entire account,” she said.

“I don’t think Twitch would suspend a random account. I think he deactivated his own account. I’ve never seen this message in my life. Either Twitch took care of him, or he took care of himself. It’s none of my business, but I was looking forward to having an intellectual discussion.”

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Even after the viewer had long departed from the platform, Pokimane had the last laugh ⁠— saying all her critics couldn’t deal with a single ounce of the hate she receives daily.

“It’s the same dudes that say you’re making a big deal about nothing that wouldn’t be able to handle 1% of the shit that I get on the daily. They’d absolutely soil their little panties seeing 1% of the hate I get every day of my life for the last 8 years,” she explained.

“Go make a friend online and bond over something that doesn’t involve hating women. You’ll be happier in life I promise you.”

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