Pokimane leaves Twitch streamer starstruck after gatecrashing IRL stream

. 5 months ago
Twitch: Nezst / Pokimane

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys left a Twitch streamer starstruck after gatecrashing his IRL stream to have a friendly chat — as well as addressing the hot topic of her next streaming steps.

Nezst, a Twitch streamer with a modest 3,000 followers, was minding his own business while doing an IRL stream when, out of nowhere, a friendly masked stranger gatecrashed his stream and asked him if he was a streamer.

After confirming that he was, he looked up and realized it was Pokimane — who boasts an audience around 2,800-times the size of his.

Still, he had to ask to make sure. Once she confirmed it was true, he lost his mind. “Oh my god! Queen Poki! No way! It’s so nice to meet you!”

Poki waved to his viewers and started chatting with him, explaining that she could tell he was a streamer from afar. “I saw you really talking to the camera, and I was like, this guy must have a community! It’s very cool!”

Poki pulled up a chair and kept the conversation kept going. However, it wasn’t long before a viewer asked about her future since her contract has expired.

“Poki! Are you coming back to Twitch?” they wrote.

Nezst assured her that there were no snitches in his chat. So, she spoke about it briefly and ruled out a few candidates. “I’ll tell you one thing. Process of elimination,” she said.

“I won’t stream on Periscope. I won’t stream on TikTok Gaming. I won’t move to Facebook. How about that?”

That still leaves YouTube on the table for those counting, with the Google-owned giant sweeping up Twitch streamers like crazy over the last few months.

The pair spoke about everything from beanies, knitting, and stickers to ASMR, life as a streamer, and more. Then, as the conversation was winding up, they took a picture together and went their separate ways.

Nezst couldn’t believe what happened. “I got to meet Queen Poki!” he said.

“This is crazy. I’m shaking and crying. I literally met Pokimane. She came up to me! Holy sh*t. I can’t believe that just happened. That was so cool!”

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