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Pokimane in hysterics with Sykkuno’s explanation for leaving Coachella early

Published: 21/Apr/2022 16:50

by Shay Robson


Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has revealed the hilarious DMs that her friend and fellow streamer Sykkuno sent her at the Coachella music festival, explaining his absence on day 3.

Spanning over two weekends, Coachella is one of the world’s biggest music festivals, with over 250,000+ in attendance in California – including our favorite streamers and content creators.

With stars from all over the entertainment industry appearing, YouTuber Logan Paul even hit the stage, as he joined Olivia O’Brien during her performance to poke fun at their past relationship.

Additionally, Pokimane and co were also in attendance, along with other members of OfflineTV and the Amigops collectives, including Sykkuno.


twitch and youtube stars valkyrae and fuslie at coachella music festival
Twitter: Fuslie
Popular streamers Valkyrae and Fuslie were in attendance at Coachella.

During Pokimane’s April 19 broadcast, the Twitch star revealed hilarious messages between her and Sykkuno at Coachella. The conversation started with her explaining that she was sad that Sykkuno wouldn’t be attending day three of the show.

“I have literal iron lung from the dust,” said Sykkuno. “I got attacked by Gaara from the Sand Village. Was traveling through a solar storm on the martian wasteland because there was so much dust and wind!”

Sykkuno continued: “I was spammed by a pack of sandshrews spamming sand attack, my accuracy is zero, it’s crazy! I wish we got to hang out more though.”


Pokimane was left laughing in hysterics after reading out the hilarious messages that referenced Naruto and Pokemon: “The way he described it was so f**king good,” she said.

The streamer added that she told Sykkuno she’d “protect him” from the dust with a blanket.

However, being attacked by sand and dust isn’t the only issue the friend group has faced at Coachella either. Sykkuno revealed on Twitter that he was sleeping on a layer of pillows inside of the closet.