Pokimane hits back at claims that Jidion drama was just “a joke”

Pokimane talking to cameraTwitch: Pokimane

Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys took some shots at people who claim that some of the comments made by Jidion amid the hate raid drama were just ‘jokes’.

In the back end of 2021, trolls began using Twitch’s raid tool – where you send your viewers over to another channel – as a way to spread toxicity and harass other streamers.

While Twitch has tried to clamp down on the practice, the drama around it was reignited in mid-January when YouTuber-turned-streamer Jidion urged viewers to bombard Pokimane’s chat with messages of “L+Ratio.” That prompted her to end her stream, and the situation spiraled from there.

Jidion received a permanent ban from Twitch, and plenty of other content creators have weighed in on the drama. However, Pokimane isn’t standing for anyone who thinks that some of the comments made about it are just “a joke.”

pokimane-explains-why-she-thinks-twitch-ban-for-dmca-tv-show-strikes-is-totally-fairTwitch: Pokimane
Pokimane has returned to social media after initially privating her Twitter due to the harassment she received on social media after Jidion’s Twitch hate raid.

During the early part of her January 23 stream, the OfflineTV member was watching a YouTube video covering the drama when the hosts made comments about her community.

As she started breaking down the comments, Poki quickly spotted a message in her chat that called the whole thing a joke, and she wasn’t best pleased.

“It’s a joke? No it’s not, no. What part of Dijon mustard saying that on his stream was a joke?” She asked. “Does anyone else think that was a joke? He didn’t even say it in a joking way. And, also, I don’t know any of these dudes, we’re not on banter level. It’s very clearly not a joke.”

The Twitch star wasn’t finished there, however, as she pointed out that the ‘it’s a joke’ line only comes out when the whole thing has backfired.

“It is so f**king annoying to have people say s**t, and then when it doesn’t work out for them, they resort to it was a joke,” she continued. “No, your s**t just didn’t land because it’s f**king weird. You meant it seriously and you thought people would like that you’re saying it seriously. But, it was weird.”

Some fans may have put the drama to bed, but clearly, not everyone has.