Pokimane has perfect reaction after being called fat by Twitch chat

. 3 years ago
Pokimane, Twitch / Freepik

Popular Twitch streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is no stranger to online vitriol, as evidenced by her tactful reaction to hateful viewers insulting her weight.

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Anys began a stream on May 1 by asking her audience if they noticed anything different about her appearance – which prompted a slew of inappropriate responses from the chat.

Although some viewers merely speculated that she’d changed her hair, others accused her of receiving a secret breast augmentation, while still more asked if she were pregnant and even called her fat.

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Rather than taking offense to these remarks, Pokimane instead laughed at the comments, putting her head in her hands before brushing off the matter to reveal that she’d actually bought a new necklace.

Pokimane’s savage responses to hateful Twitch viewers

This wouldn’t be the first time Pokimane has had a savage response to haters and creeps during her broadcasts; the streamer likewise hit back at a rude comment left during a February stream, which appeared to criticize her for wearing leggings.

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Pokimane even lashed out at a sleazy donation message in a March 16 broadcast, mocking the donator for wanting to know if the back of her dress “had a zipper.”

“Hey, can we see the back of the outfit?” Poki mocked. “Is there a zipper? Wait, do you have a zipper on your underwear? What if you turn a 180 and bend over? Is there any additional design in between your legs?”

Pokimane’s copyright claim abuse scandal

Anys is also known for taking swift action against content that she deems to be “non-transformative” or especially sleazy, following a debacle from early January where she was accused of abusing YouTube’s copyright system for claiming the videos of smaller creators.

“In those specific scenarios I will take down videos – when it’s a straight reupload of my stream, and when it’s like a gross and misleading title,” Pokimane said of the matter.

Pokimane is one of Twitch’s most popular female streamers, boasting nearly three million followers on the platform as of May 2.

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