Pokimane gives advice for dealing with “a hating ass b**ches” online

Pokimane online hateTwitch: pokimane

Pokimane’s recent TikTok video was all about not letting the haters get you down, with the streamer and content creator sharing that she is in a good place at the moment as well as offering up some advice to those who find themselves struggling to deal with online negativity.

The content creator and influencer Imane Anys, better known as Pokimane online, has been subjected to her fair share of hate and trolling online.

Poki constantly speaks out about the abuse she and her fellow female streamers experience in the male-dominated community of the gaming space.

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In a brand new TikTok, Pokimane offered up some advice for those who find themselves struggling with online trolls and receiving hate. If the TikTok is unable to load, you can access the video via the link here.

“Recently I’ve been feeling the happiest and most confident that I’ve ever felt and it kinda just makes me love everything and everyone, like I’m popping M all the time it’s kind of weird.”

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Pokimane then went on to explain that her stance and opinions on trolls has changed because she is in better spirits and that, odds are, the people who are attacking others online are actually unhappy within themselves.

Pokimane calls out online trolls and offers up advice

“But it made me realize if you ever encounter a hating ass bitch their life is probably really really sad. And so instead of getting mad at them, in reality, we should pity them and wish them well because that’s the only way they’ll ever get better.”

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It is unclear if there is a specific person Pokimane is referring to during this video or an encounter she had recently. However, we’ll be sure to keep you in the know if there is any other details or context to her latest TikTok video.

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