Pokimane gets animated into Family Guy and you need to see it

Michael Gwilliam
Pokimane on Family GuyInstagram/Pokimane/Fox

Holy crap, Lois. Talk about a poggers moment. A YouTuber has inserted multiple Twitch streamers including Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys into Family Guy and the result is absolutely amazing.

Family Guy is one of the longest-running adult cartoons on TV and is no stranger to celebrity cameos, but the show hasn’t fully capitalized on the popularity of streamers just yet.

As fans wait for Family Guy to incorporate the rise of Twitch and YouTube influencers for real, YouTuber RubberRoss took it upon himself to hire a Peter Griffin impersonator and hire streamers to lend their voice talents for a series of cameos.

Featuring the likes of Pokimane, SwaggerSouls, Alpharad, and even ScottTheWoz, these cameos are a must-watch for Family Guy fans.

Pokimane surprises Peter in Family Guy

Gags are a key component of the humor of Family Guy, normally featuring series protagonist Peter Griffin opening his front door and meeting a well-known celebrity who says something funny.

While none of the YouTubers in this video have long conversations with Peter, just seeing them interact with Peter and be animated into the hit Fox show is pretty incredible.

“Holy crap, Pokimane. I’m a tier-3 sub,” Peter said when opening his door and greeting the Twitch star.

“Hey Peter,” Anys replied, lending her voice for the cameo appearance as she showed up donning headphones and a streaming camera attached to the Griffin home.

Sadly, that’s where her skit ended, but it’s easy to imagine all the possible scenarios that could further incorporate the popular Twitch star and the larger-than-life Peter.

RubberRoss further explained on Twitter he and his team animated everything from scratch, which makes the whole skit even more impressive.

This isn’t the first time Pokimane has shown up in popular culture. Back in 2021, she had a cameo in the video game movie ‘Free Guy’, starring actor Ryan Reynolds.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Pokimane and where she crosses over next!