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Pokimane freaks out after testing Michael Reeves’ insane surgery robot

Published: 28/Apr/2020 20:58 Updated: 28/Apr/2020 22:58

by Michael Gwilliam


YouTuber Michael Reeves crafted an ingenious, yet dangerous, surgery machine that left Twitch star Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys stunned when asked to test out the device.

Reeves, who is known for creating outlandish machines, built the code and body of his surgical robot from scratch – and even added in some VR hand-tracking to completely remove the need for a controller.

“You just take the hand coordinates from this and pipe them into the surgery robot and bing, bang, boom,” he explained.

YouTube/Michael Reeves
Pokimane was freaked out testing the robot.

While Michael could have waited for Amazon to deliver a scalpel to him, the YouTuber decided to up the ante with a huge kitchen knife he had laying around the house.

“When you really think about it, scalpels are just sh*tty, smaller knives,” he realized. “So why don’t we just use bigger, better knives? Hello, we already have those.”

The video’s tone then shifted to a hilariously-designed infomercial of sorts, with Reeves’ narration playing over stock footage of doctors and hospitals.

YouTube/Michael Reeves
Reeves’ robot wasn’t really fit to operate on a pineapple.

“The future of surgical robotics is here!” he exclaimed over footage of himself playing with the robot, which had a knife attached to it.

Dressed as a surgeon, Reeves showed off the power of his robot by having it dig into a pineapple as if it were a patient.

The video took a dark turn, however, once Pokimane was asked to test out of the device on a dummy.

(Timestamp 6:10 for mobile users)

“We’ve made our machine so intuitive that anyone can do surgery with no prior training,” Reeves said as Anys walked into the makeshift operating room to perform a “usability test.”

Mere moments after putting her hand out, the VR hand tracking software sent the knife flying towards the Twitch celebrity, causing her to scream in shock.

As the test continued, Pokimane was asked to make a small incision right above the dummy’s ear and ended up stabbing the would-be patient, causing lots of “blood” to leak out of its head.

The whole test definitely was a botched procedure, so while the robot does in fact work, it seems like it will need some more tests before it becomes a staple of health care systems worldwide.

Nonetheless, it was a cool project and one that Reeves should absolutely keep perfecting in the weeks ahead.


Yvonne defends Pokimane, explains how she helped grow her Twitch career

Published: 1/Dec/2020 3:57 Updated: 1/Dec/2020 4:07

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Yvonne has been entangled in the drama between Pokimane and Fedmsyster, but she took some time in her latest stream to defend Pokimane and even explained how she helped her focus on streaming.

Yvonne ‘Yvonnie’ Ng and Iman ‘Pokimane’ Anys have been friends for several years now. Their friendship started before Yvonne joined OfflineTV and became the house manager in 2018.

However, they have been roped into a drama after a document written by Federico ‘Fedmyster’ Gaytan surfaced on the internet. He claimed Pokimane was one of several OfflineTV members who wanted Yvonne fired and used him as a scapegoat.

Pokimane denied the accusations and doubled-down with a lengthy document of her own to provide more context. Other streamers have also chimed in on the issue and had her back. The consensus is that Fedmyster’s initial document was potentially misleading.

Still, it left fans wondering whether the whole situation had strained the friendship between Pokimane and Yvonne. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to be the case. Yvonne spoke about Pokimane in her latest stream, and had nothing but kind words.

Yvonne Pokimane OfflineTV
Yvonne and Pokimane have been friends for several years.

So, about [Pokimane] caring about whether I’d do content or not, she… made an exception for me and believed in the type of person that I was and tried to make things work,” said Yvonne.

“I don’t want people to think that she’s so, like…” she added, holding back some tears. “She’s not the way people portray her to be, and she gets sh*t on a lot just because it’s her, and it feels really unfair.”

Yvonne also explained how Pokimane even made an effort to help her focus on streaming. “She tried to work around me because she knew that I did enjoy streaming [and] I did enjoy doing content stuff,” said Yvonne. 

“We had a long talk, and she even suggested… we could get a business manager [who could] handle a lot of things so [I] can still stream,” said Yvonne. “That was great.”

“She worked around what I wanted,” she added. “And she actually was the person who also gave me the green light to do YouTube and stuff. I didn’t have a channel before.”

It’s nice to see how much Yvonne still cares about her friend and values their friendship despite all the drama. She struggled to hold back the emotional several times, especially when talking about how people love to hate Pokimane.

In the end, it would be hard to have conversations and details about your private life thrown into the public eye, and even more so when it’s taken out of context. 

Fortunately, it seems like this latest OfflineTV drama is dead and buried for the most part. But perhaps more importantly, it’s good to know the friendship between Yvonne and Pokimane is still strong.