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Pokimane floored at fan’s perfect Apex Legends finisher video of her

Published: 5/Mar/2020 2:03

by Andrew Amos


Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys was left speechless after a small Twitch streamer dubbed an iconic clip from her channel over an Apex Legends finisher clip with perfect timing.

Pokimane has had many iconic moments clipped and shipped across her Twitch career. Her reactions ⁠— whether they be of excitement or sadness ⁠— have captivated her fanbase for years.


Now, the fans are giving back, using those exact same clips in creative ways to surprise, and even get a cheer, out of the streamer.

During a casual Just Chatting stream on March 3, Pokimane was going through a bunch of clips sent in from her viewers when came along one from ‘MisterArther’ and his Apex stream.


While she was interested, she questioned why it was called “pokiSmash,” however, she soon learned why. MisterArther was laying down the law in Apex, downing an enemy Pathfinder before using one of Lifeline’s finishers.

That in itself isn’t amazing ⁠— nor does it have anything to do with Pokimane. While the finisher animation was playing out, the streamer perfectly lined up a clip of Poki punching her camera to go through with Lifeline’s knock-out blow.


The clip blew Pokimane away. “Wait, what? Did he save that and then do it at the perfect time?” He indeed did, and that earned applause from the streamer.

“Amazing ⁠— that is some good streaming, that is some incredible streaming. You know, I remember doing [the punch clip] just for it to be clippable,” she said with a grin from ear to ear.

While the clip was short, it laid on the streamer’s mind for the rest of her stream, happy that someone found a creative use for her content months on.

Lifeline standing after Apex Legends finisher
Streamer-inspired Apex Legends finishers that players could buy would be a nice addition to Respawn’s battle royale.

A viral clip like Pokimane’s punch could also make a neat addition into Apex Legends. While the streamer doesn’t play the game much, she is still one of the biggest personalities on Twitch.

Pokimane already has an emote in Fortnite, but maybe this clip could inspire Respawn to do a similar collaboration with the Twitch star in Apex too.

Apex Legends

Pathfinder Grapple “buff” in Apex Legends is actually a nerf

Published: 7/Oct/2020 11:44 Updated: 7/Oct/2020 11:46

by Calum Patterson


After months of waiting, Pathfinder mains were excited to try out his new and improved grapple in Apex Legends, following the Aftermarket update. But, it turns out that it wasn’t actually an improvement at all.

Pathfinder’s grapple previously had a much shorter cooldown, only 15 seconds. This meant that in any given engagement, Pathfinder would likely be able to shoot his grapple multiple times.


This was eventually deemed too strong, and the cooldown was increased to 35 seconds, essentially reducing it to one use per engagement (unless it’s a particularly long firefight).

Immediately, Pathfinder mains complained that this was far too long a cooldown, and the character’s pick rate plummeted in Season 5.

apex legends pathfinder
Respawn Entertainment
Pathfinder has been a less-than-popular pick since his nerf – and this new update isn’t helping.

Respawn confirmed ahead of the Aftermarket event that Pathfinder would be getting some “love” in the update, and it certainly was a big change. Whether it was “love” or not, is now up for debate though.

Pathfinder’s grapple cooldown now depends on how far the player grapples. A shorter distance = a shorter cooldown. In the patch notes, Respawn explained: “the maximum cooldown is still 35s, but you’re going to have to swing a very long distance to get there.”

This was actually a suggestion that came from Reddit. But, back on Reddit after the update, players are not totally convinced this is really a buff at all, as demonstrated by u/laughie1:


As demonstrated, this rather small distance pre-patch, would result in the standard 35 second cooldown. But, the Cooldown began immediately after the grapple was launched.

Post-patch, 1) the cooldown doesn’t begin until the player lands, and 2) the timer for the length of the grapple continues to increase even after the grapple has disconnected.

As the player explains, “If you get the cooldown to 35 seconds, the countdown starts when you hit the ground, not when you first grapple, basically making your grapple cooldown 4-5 seconds longer then before the “buff”.”


To make matters worse, if you land into a slide, the timer will continue to hold at 35 seconds, and won’t start counting down until you stop sliding.

It’s not clear if this functionality was intended by the developers. They’ve already identified and are working on a fix for a visual bug related to the grapple, but this issue seems to be hard-coded into the new design of the cooldown system.