Pokimane’s first “tattoo” isn’t what you’d expect

Pokimane, YouTube / Freepik

Popular streamer and internet personality Imane “Pokimane” Anys has a massive online audience, boasting over three million followers on both Twitch and YouTube – a platform where she decided to share her first-ever “tattoo.”

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While social media star Logan Paul decided to get inked up with Pokemon’s Squirtle for his first tattoo, Pokimane decided to take a different route, getting her brows “microbladed” rather than having a massive mural inked on her back.

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“Microblading” is defined as a tattooing process that uses a handheld tool made of numerous tiny needles that add pigment to the skin, commonly used to shape and define the eyebrows.

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FreepikMicroblading, although semi-permanent, is a tattooing technique that uses a handheld tool with several small blades to apply ink to the skin.

While microblading is considered only semi-permanent, it still falls under the realm of tattooing – and Pokimane decided to go under the blade for her first-ever inking experience.

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The Twitch star documented the process in her “Summer Vlog” YouTube video, where she described the healing process as “not as bad as I thought it would be.”

Pokimane, YouTubePokimane’s first tattooing experience was performed via microblading, which applies semi-permanent ink to the skin underneath her eyebrows.
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Despite being paranoid that she would “bleed everywhere,” the ordeal turned out to be a relative success, with Anys praising the salon toward the end of her vlog.

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“It’s just so nice,” Pokimane said of the procedure. “It’s just easier in the morning to get everything done when your brows are already kinda done. …I thought my eyebrows were gonna look Sharpied on, but… it wasn’t too bad.”

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Although Pokimane’s first “tattoo” was fairly tame, other top YouTubers have gone under the gun multiple times, with makeup mogul Jeffree Star being famously covered with massive portraits of celebrities from head to toe.

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Even YouTube king Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg boasts multiple tattoos, featuring works from some of his favorite artists that, while simplistic, wowed tattoo artists with their spartan charm.

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Team 10’s Jake Paul also boasts a massive piece on his left shoulder – although his latest tattoo is a matching set of tally marks, which he got with wife Tana Mongeau to count the number of weeks they’d been dating.

While Pokimane is generally known for her humorous interactions with fans and the hilarious moments that occur during her streams, her vlogs allow fans a deeper look into her daily life – including getting her new “tattoos.”

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