Pokimane explains why she's "afraid of IRL streaming" after watching viral Andrea Botez clip - Dexerto

Pokimane explains why she’s “afraid of IRL streaming” after watching viral Andrea Botez clip

Published: 9/Sep/2021 15:31

by Lawrence Scotti


Twitch star streamer Pokimane said that she’s afraid of streaming in person after watching the viral Andrea Botez clip of her being bothered by a man in a restaurant.

Streaming on Twitch in person can lead to some unintended outcomes. When chess master and Twitch streamer Andrea Botez was streaming at a restaurant, a man attempted multiple times to get her attention and hang out with her, leading to a truly painful interaction.

Hosting an in-person stream is always a risk for the streamer, as it’s possible strangers know you’re streaming and will behave erratically for attention. Pokimane reacted to the Botez clip, and gave her thoughts on streaming IRL.


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Pokimane recently returned after a brief hiatus from Twitch.

Pokimane reacts to Andrea Botez clip

Pokimane cringed with her hands over her face as she watched the viral clip of Andrea Botez, where she shoots down the man’s continuous attempts to sit down with her at a restaurant.

She moved her camera so that her chat could see the rude gesture the man made after he finally left Andrea alone, in his final attempt to gain her and her chat’s attention

After Poki watched the clip she explained, “This is why I’m scared of IRL streaming. And I’ve already had bad/weird experiences.”

The clip highlights the type of behavior women face when streaming their adventures in real life, as there are a ton of examples of Twitch streamers behind harassed by men on the street.


Another streamer that has dealt with this many times is Jinny, who has dealt with racist remarks thrown at her, as well as a potential kidnapping attempt.