Pokimane explains why she approves of Disguised Toast’s move to Facebook

Virginia Glaze
Pokimane / Twitch

Popular streamer and Hearthstone player Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang has made a move from Twitch to Facebook Gaming – and while some fans are wary of the change, another top personality is mainly optimistic.

Wang announced his move on Friday, November 22, joining the mass Twitch exodus from other top streamers to mark the first significant personality to stream exclusively via Facebook Gaming.

Claiming that he hopes to gain a “larger platform to share my voice with a global audience,” Toast’s move to the service has left many fans scratching their heads as other streamers move to Mixer – but streaming star Imane “Pokimane” Anys is mostly hopeful for his venture.

Popular Hearthstone streamer Disguised Toast made the surprising move to Facebook Gaming in late November.

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Anys, a member of Toast and crew’s “Offline TV” group, gave her thoughts on Toast’s transition to Facebook Gaming during a Twitch stream on November 22, where she expressed a hopeful outlook on the development in spite of fan speculation.

“Facebook Gaming, in general, isn’t that developed,” she began. “But I think he’s not only a great streamer, but he’s a very smart businessman. So he’ll be able to help them make changes that’ll make their live streaming better.”

Pokimane, Instagram
Pokimane explained to wary fans why Disguised Toast’s move to Facebook Gaming could be a good thing.

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The streamer went on to throw some subtle shade towards fans overly concerned with platforms’ view counts, reiterating the fact that Facebook likely saw ample opportunity in partnering with Toast in light of competing sites like Mixer and Twitch.

“I know for a lot of you guys, it’s just like, ‘What’s their view count at, eyeballs?’” she continued. “But no platform starts at 100k. You know? My point is, they’re getting a lot of value out of him in probably a lot of different ways.”

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While some might speculate that Toast’s decision was based on profit, the streamer admitted that Facebook’s initiative for “helping others in need” was a large part of his decision – a statement that comes as little surprise, as he encouraged viewers to stop subscribing and donating to his channel just ahead of his move.

Disguised Toast, YouTube / Facebook
Disguised Toast claimed that Facebook’s aim to help others in need was a large part of his decision to stream on the platform.

No matter the case, Disguised Toast’s partnership with Facebook Gaming marks yet another top streamer leaving Twitch as personalities continue to explore other options in the wake of the site’s controversial moderation decisions.