Pokimane embraces her ‘inner potato’ on stream with whimsical Snapchat filter


Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys switched things up on her latest stream, becoming a potato for the day. Fans were mostly delighted with the change while some took the opportunity to lightly roast her. 

In the midst of her April 20 broadcast, Poki pivoted to a “smol potato stream” before providing the title with visuals to back it up.

Playing around with filters at the start of the stream, eventually, she settled onto turning her face into a potato. Yes, an actual potato.

Twitch chat was quick to respond, telling the streamer she’s now called ‘Potatomane.’ Anys responded saying “Potatomane, I like that!” before renaming the stream “Potatomane stream, solo q ranked.”

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Pokimane next chapterTwitch: Pokimane
Pokimane as viewers are used to seeing her, without the potato filter on. Though some drew comparisons between her potato face and the Gordan Ramsey cutout she features in every stream.

The comments on the Mrs. Potato Head lookalike didn’t stop, with many quick to point out the date she’d chosen to embrace the potato life. “On 4/20 ‘Baked potato’ That’s a good joke! I like that one.”

More people, off of the back of the VTuber tag drama currently unfolding, were keen for Anys to start using the VTuber tag in an authentic fashion. “People said ‘you should use the VTuber tag’. I was like, I’m good.” Though many started calling the starchy streamer a PTuber instead.

Surprisingly, rather than a filter catching major attention, Pokimane caught heat from fellow streamers during a game of ranked Valorant.

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After starting the stream discussing her mic choices, saying “I could use my mic, or I could just bring the Logitech mic closer,” a teammate called her out mid-game after an outburst saying “You know, you may need to buy a better mic.”

Fearing stream snipers, Imane turned her screen black for the end of the game’s stream saying “Why black screen? cause they were just a little weird at the end.”

The potato-based shenanigans potentially came about as an after-effect of hanging out with Fuslie during Coachella who donned the potato face often throughout much of 2021.