Pokimane cuts off friend after sexist messages regarding pink suit

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Popular Twitch streamer Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys recently cut off a male friend after he sent her sexist messages regarding a recent Instagram post showing off her pink suit.

Being the face of female content creation on Twitch, Pokimane has faced her fair share of sexism during her ascent to the top. However it’s not just happening on stream but behind closed doors too.

After confrontations with a friend, Pokimane made the decision to cut them off from her life, she alluded to on stream. Deciding to keep them anonymous, the Twitch star said they made misogynistic comments on her outfit and social media presence, causing the streamer frustration.

“One mother f**ker that I am obviously no longer friends with, when I posted this photo,” she points out her Instagram post where she’s wearing a pink suit. “You know me, I’m a business woman. I love a good suit!”

pokimane cuts off friendInstagram: pokimanelol
The Instagram post shared these photos

“One mother flipper was deadass was all up in my DMs, talking about,” she pauses to laugh, attempting to recollect herself.

She calms down, and begins imitating the friend: “You did this for male validation! Meh, meh, meh, meh, meh!”

Returning to her own perspective, Pokimane states “you tweet sh*t out all the time for validation too… I’m pointing out the fact that we clearly don’t see eye to eye.”

Apparently her friend replied something along the lines of “if I was your dad, I’d be disappointed.” It’s unclear whether Pokimane intends on revealing her ex-friend’s identity — and the community doesn’t seem to have a clue who it is yet either.

Redditors are speculating with guesses of big names being thrown into the mix. These hunches are baseless with little to no evidence backing them up — but regardless of who it is, Pokimane is cutting that negativity out of her life.