Pokimane criticizes Greekgodx’s arguments amid heated xQc drama

Following a fiery conversation between streamers xQc and Greekgodx, Pokimane has weighed in criticizing Greek for his egotistical arguments.

Greekgodx returned to Twitch to a less than favorable reception from the streaming community. After a series of ‘bad takes’ and a ‘sexist’ rant, Greek has been met with a lot of negative feedback.

Following the short ban, Greek would stream again and even found his way onto xQc’s channel. A heated argument between the two streamers broke out with Greek and X hurling insults at one another.

The near hour and a half-long discussion on July 8 would become a spectacle as many streamers weighed in with their own opinions. Offering her own criticisms was Pokimane who thought Greek’s head was getting a bit too big.

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xQc and Greekgodx streaming on TwitchTwitch: xQc/Greekgodx
xQc and Greekgodx engaged in a heated back-and-forth on Twitch

Pokimane weighs in on xQc and Greek drama

During one of the more complex topics of their discussion, xQc and Greek argued how a person with no legs could better find happiness. X argued that happiness could be found by staying inside and while Greek claimed happiness was made by going out and winning gold medals.

Watching the conversation back, Pokimane stated they both made solid points that she agreed with. However, Greek’s attitude when discussing his side led her to criticize his side more.

Greek stated if people with no legs were to live life like him, they would be winning Olympic medals. To which Poki stated, “There’s no f**king way he thinks so highly of himself. There’s no way… oh my god!”

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“I understand that his point is ‘your mindset will make the difference’, and I don’t disagree. But why is his perspective ‘this is what I would do, and this is what you beta cuck would do? Why not just inspire people to have a good mindset?”

She also questioned why Greek felt the need to put himself above others when attempting to inspire anyone. She also criticized when Greek claimed he was “just as equal to everyone else” immediately after comparing himself to xQc.

While Greek’s comeback has been relatively negative, it’s worked in his favor. He’s garnered more viewers during recent streams than he did in late June, and he’s back in headlines for sharing his unpopular opinions.

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