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Pokimane considering new Twitch podcast co-host after xQc no-show

Published: 11/Apr/2022 6:00 Updated: 12/Apr/2022 16:30

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Pokimane admitted she’s considering finding someone else to co-host her new Twitch podcast in the short term after xQc left her hanging, and Mizkif could be a possible candidate.

Poki and xQc were supposed to host the first ‘trial’ episode of their new Twitch podcast on Saturday, April 9. However, xQc never turned up and left her hanging — which Poki suspected was because he forgot.

Poki said she doesn’t mind waiting another week to make it happen. But with so many juicy things to talk about, she’s considering finding a new co-host (if only temporarily) to chat about them while they’re still fresh.


Twitch: xQcOW
xQc never turned up to the first episode of his new Twitch podcast with Poki.

First, Poki lamented over the missed opportunity. “We were going to talk about the Will Smith slap,” she said. “We were going to talk about /r/Place and how that was some of the best content Twitch has ever seen.”

Then, she flirted with the idea of finding a new co-host. “There are so many things to talk about. There are infinite things. And now I’m like, ‘Do I go back to Mizkif? Do I wait for xQc and we try again maybe next week or the week after? Or do I say f**k it and DM Forsen?”


It’s unclear if Poki meant replacing xQc temporarily or permanently. However, considering it’s an idea they came up with together, chances are she only meant in the short term. It will be interesting to see what happens moving forward.

Meanwhile, xQc has been taking a short break from streaming. In fact, he hasn’t streamed since the day before missing the podcast episode with Poki, but said he’ll do a “long-ass stream” whenever he comes back.