Pokimane calls out Trainwrecks for “platforming” Kaite after Fed drama - Dexerto

Pokimane calls out Trainwrecks for “platforming” Kaite after Fed drama

Published: 2/May/2020 0:27 Updated: 19/May/2020 23:27

by Virginia Glaze


Twitch star Pokimane is hitting out at fellow streamer Trainwrecks for featuring Kaite as a contestant on his broadcasts, after she called Fedmyster “ugly” during an April episode of the ‘Rajjchelor’ dating show.

The drama surrounding Trainwrecks’ popular live show continues, after an April 29 episode of the ‘Rajjchelor’ flew off the rails due to Kaite’s divisive comments.

Popularly hailed as the “villain” on the Bachelor-style broadcast, Kaite called contestant Fedmyster “ugly” after denying his request for a virtual date that would be hosted on Trainwrecks’ channel after “winning” the segment, choosing to have her own channel hosted, instead.

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“Honestly, I checked him out beforehand, and just… I think you’re ugly, I’m not attracted to you,” she admitted.

While Kaite was quickly called out by Pokimane, a close friend of Fedmyster, that wasn’t the end of Poki’s thoughts on the subject, who spoke further on the drama two days later.

During a May 1 stream, she appeared to call out Trainwrecks for even giving Kaite a platform on his show, calling Kaite’s behavior “rude.”

“Are my standards too high if I feel like it’s weird that Train is even platforming her after she was like, so oddly rude and b**chy to so many people?” she asked her viewers. “I get it — drama equals views, but sometimes, you can try to make it a bit less apparent.”

Rajj apologized to Fedmyster in a separate stream, explaining that he wasn’t happy with Kaite’s insult during one of the most viewed streams in the history of the Rajjchelor.

“I just want to say, I feel so guilty even though I didn’t — nobody told her to say that, she just shocked everybody,” he clarified. “It was too far… it crossed the line.”

Pokimane’s latest comments were made in reference to an older clip from an episode of the Trainwrecks podcast, where Kaite left the stream after a past instance was brought up where she’d been eliminated from the Rajjchelor over allegedly racist remarks.

“Honestly, though, I’m not surprised,” she said of the matter. “People who talk big s**t are always like that.”

This isn’t Pokimane’s first time slamming the streamer, by far; she was quick to call out Kaite directly after her “ugly” remark was made, which prompted Kaite to clap back by calling Pokimane “a b**ch.”

It’s safe to say that there’s no love lost between these two streamers, with Trainwrecks also coming under scrutiny from Pokimane’s fanbase over continuing to feature Kaite in his broadcasts in wake of the drama.


Jake Paul roasts Conor McGregor with new fight deal after UFC 257 Poirier loss

Published: 24/Jan/2021 6:37 Updated: 24/Jan/2021 10:39

by Alex Tsiaoussidis


Jake Paul has jokingly rescinded his $50 million fight offer to Conor McGregor after his shock loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 257, offering him a measly $10,000 instead.

Jake Paul has been nipping at Conor McGregor’s heels in the weeks leading up to UFC 257, trying to bait the former double-champ into accepting a $50 million fight offer for an exhibition boxing bout.

However, despite his best efforts, it didn’t work. Conor McGregor was too focused on his own endeavors and never acknowledged it, although he tip-toed around the question a few times.

Eventually, he flat-out said he’s not interested in the fight, and it seemed like the idea was dead and buried once and for all. But after Conor McGregor’s shock UFC 257 loss to Dustin Poirier, Jake Paul is at it again. And this time, his original offer is off the table.

Jake Paul Conor McGregor
Jake Paul / Conor McGregor
Jake Paul’s second fight offer adds more insult to injury after Conor McGregor’s UFC 257 loss.

Jake Paul tuned in to watch the main event like millions of other UFC fans. But he had more invested in the fight than the average viewer, and once it was over, it was only a matter of time before he posted a video.

“Hey Conor,” she said, laughing hysterically in a video that he shared on Twitter moments after the loss. “I’ve got ten thousand dollars for you, cash!” He struggled to contain his laughter and kept repeating words. “Oh, you had fifty million dollars,” he added, right at the end. 

The same message was echoed in a YouTube video Jake uploaded to his YouTube channel shortly after titled ‘My Message to Conor McGregor.’ He said, “you should have taken the Jake Paul fight for $50 million, but now I got $10,000 for you. I got $10,000 cash, cold hard cash. Or I’ll give you a third of a bitcoin. You choose, Conor McGregor.”

At the end of the video he says “April 17th guys, I’m fighting… You know, it was supposed to be Conor McGregor but we’ll see what happens, stay tuned.”

It’s obvious that Jake is still up to his usual antics. He’s trying to kick Conor while he’s down. But this time, it might actually work.

Conor’s loss will undoubtedly be a spanner in the works for his UFC plans. However, it means he might be open to lucrative exhibition fight offers once again.

Of course, there’s no way he’d accept the second $10,000 fight offer. But he might consider the initial $50 million one, which is probably what Jake Paul intended. We’ll have to wait and see what happens next.