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Entertainment • Aug 30, 2019

Pokimane's brain plays tricks on her with hilarious "I squirted" fail

Pokimane's brain plays tricks on her with hilarious "I squirted" fail
Instagram: Pokimane

Twitch star Imane 'Pokimane' Anys was left red in the face after she made a hilarious on-stream blunder when reading out a chat message.

Pokimane is one of, if not the, most popular female streamers on Twitch - amassing over 3.3 million followers on the livestreaming platform since beginning streaming back in 2013. 

Fans tune in to watch her play a variety of games, just have a chat with viewers, and get up to all sorts of hi-jinx. She is often left shocked by chat spam, messages from thirsty viewers, and even learning the real meanings of words. Yet, it was her who left viewers shocked as she had an incredibly hilarious fail. 

Pokimane Twitter
Pokimane is one of Twitch biggest female streamers.

During her August 29 stream, the Twitch star had been playing Minecraft with a fellow streamer called Fitz when he started reciting a bedtime story for them. As soon as he had finished talking about two squirts, Pokimane immediately said: “I squirted,” before taking a minute to realize what she had said.

“Fuck! I inked, oh my God. I read someone's message and I said the wrong thing!” she continued, before bursting into laughter. Fitz immediately questioned what she’d said, but she repeated that she had accidentally read a chat message aloud.

While Pokimane was left laughing and then speechless for a few moments, Fitz tried to move on but also contributed to the hilarious situation.

“I know it was a good story Pokimane, but Jesus Christ,” he said, prompting even more laughter. “I mean, we’re live on Twitch here, alright. We’re squad streaming.”

Of course, the slip-up gave Poki’s chat a hilarious moment that they could meme and spam about for the foreseeable future.

Maybe next time, she’ll be a bit more aware of what she’s reading and what she actually wants to say before leaving viewers with a moment that they can take completely out of context.

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