Pokimane boyfriend speculation ramps up after she shouts out “handsome man” at Streamer Awards

Pokimane dating speculation ramps up after handsome man commentInstagram: pokimanelol

Twitch star Pokimane is stirring up speculation about a potential boyfriend after calling her plus one for the Streamer Awards a “handsome man” in a vlog.

The Streamer Awards took place on March 11 to much fanfare and acclaim. The Awards brought together some of the net’s top talent to celebrate the best and brightest among their order in a grassroots event organized by streamer QTCinderella.

Nominees sat near the stage, along with their plus ones… and Pokimane’s date for the Awards is raising some eyebrows online.

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Poki notably presented the final award of the evening for Streamer of the Year. Her sparkling gown and shocking style dropped jaws all over the internet, but her dress isn’t the only thing that’s a hot topic right now.

The streamer uploaded a vlog about her experience at the Streamer Awards on TikTok. During the vlog, she pointed out a guy sitting beside her — and it’s what she said about him that’s drawing attention from fans.

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Pokimane sparks boyfriend speculation after “handsome man” comment

Most notably, Poki called him a “random handsome man sitting beside me.” This offhand comment immediately sparked speculation that Pokimane is dating someone, and that someone could likely be ‘Kevin.’

Poki first introduced Kevin to her fans back in December 2021, and he’s been an on-and-off recurring guest on her broadcast ever since.

Considering that he went with her as her date for the Streamer Awards — and the fact that she called him “handsome” — fans are more convinced than ever that these two are dating on the down-low.

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“I think/hope Kevin and Poki are dating – just imagine how pretty their children would be,” one fan wrote in a comment.

“‘Random handsome man,'” another fan commented, alongside the ‘eyes’ emoji.

Despite dropping all these hints, it doesn’t look like Pokimane will be opening up about her relationship status anytime soon. In fact the streamer has adamantly claimed that she purposely avoids discussing her love life to prevent drama.