Pokimane backs up Mizkif’s claim women can get started on Twitch “easier”

Pokimane agrees with Mizkif's take on women on twitchYouTube: Pokimane, Mizkif / Twitch

Pokimane had a surprising agreement with fellow influencer Mizkif, who notably argued that female Twitch streamers have an “easier” time breaking 100-200 viewers than men on the platform.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is the most-followed woman on Twitch.

She is also the only woman in Twitch’s top 20 most-followed broadcasters.

It’s no secret that Twitch is a male-dominated platform — but streamer Mizkif argued that women who broadcast on the site have an easier time breaking into the scene than their male counterparts.

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Pokimane staying on twitchTwitter: pokimanelol
Pokimane is Twitch’s most-followed female streamer. She recently re-signed with the platform after he previous two-year contract with the platform expired.

“It is way easier for women to get to that 100, 200, or even 300 viewer count point. Women have it so much easier than men, and it’s just the truth,” he said during a March 5 stream.

However, Mizkif also admitted that women have a harder time surpassing 600 – 1,000 viewers, claiming they are “hard capped,” while men on the platform have an “infinite ceiling.”

Mizkif made these statements while watching one of Pokimane’s streams. Pokimane herself chimed in on the matter a few days later, surprisingly finding herself in agreement with Mizkif.

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Pokimane agrees with Mizkif’s comments about women on Twitch

“I would say, from what I’ve seen, I don’t think he’s wrong,” she began. “When you have 100 viewers or less, there are so many channels that when you’re a girl, you stand out because there’s just less girls than guys on this platform.”

She also agreed with Mizkif’s claims that women on Twitch tend to suffer from a “glass ceiling,” arguing that it’s difficult to surpass the 1k mark “unless you ride the wave of a really popular game, or unless you’re around for years and years.”

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“At the end of the day, Twitch has been and continues to be a male-dominated field, and when it comes to content, it tends to be easier to watch people you relate to,” she added. “Until there’s more of an even demographic on Twitch, you’re still going to have these issues.”

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However, she did call out Mizkif for specifically saying that “women have it way easier than men,” claiming that he “likes saying polarizing things” to “farm the incels a little bit.”

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Pokimane reacts to xQc’s take on Mizkif’s Twitch comments

Pokimane also shared her thoughts on xQc’s response to Mizkif. xQc notably claimed that women who “cater to parasocial viewers” will eventually suffer from lower views, as these parasocial chatters who get less attention as the streamer grows will ultimately stop watching.

Anys argued that it wasn’t the fault of streamers for this issue. Instead, she placed the blame on the parasocial viewers, noting that all Twitch streamers generally tend to give more attention to individual viewers when they start out on the platform.

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“That’s just how it is when you start streaming,” she said. “If you only have 10 viewers, you’re giving a lot of attention to those 10 people, right?”

“However, when guys are watching a girl and she gets more popular, some of them will get bitter that they aren’t getting that same level of attention.”

This news follows Pokimane’s recent re-signing with Twitch amid the mass exodus of streamers leaving the purple platform for YouTube.

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