Pokimane annoyed after viewer signs her up for private content website

by Brent Koepp
Twitch: Pokimane


Twitch star Imane 'Pokimane' Anys was left frustrated during her April 4 broadcast when she found out her email was leaked and used to sign up for a private content website.

Pokimane is not only the top female streamer on Twitch, she's also an absolute entertainment juggernaut with millions of followers across her YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

However, unfortunately her popularity means she is sometimes the target of trolls, and during her latest broadcast she opened up to her chat about a viewer who signed her up for a private content account and told them to "stop."


Pokimane hits out at viewer who used her leaked email

The streamer was in the middle of a broadcast talking to viewers when she opened up about her email being leaked. The Morocco-Canadian demonstrated an example of why she "hates" when it happens.

"This is why I hate it when my email gets leaked!" she exclaimed. She then gave her audience a view of her inbox which showed that someone had used her account to sign up with a popular private content site.

Hitting out at the troll that did it, she joked, "Stop doing it. Stop it! This isn't going to make me have an account. Like what. Do you expect me to confirm it?" Frustrated, she then shook her head and said "Man... Stop!"


Unfortunately for the popular Twitch personality, it didn't stop there. Shortly after, a donation came in that listed off all the games that she supposedly "struggled" with during her career.

"Games you've struggled in: Animal Crossing, Fortnite, Jump King, Until Dawn, Minecraft. And I won't get into your old let's plays," the troll donation said.

Replying to it, she shot back with "Wow, naming every single game I've ever played. Good one. That's really funny. I would have never thought of that. You know what the best part of that is? What I said was a joke, and you took it seriously and you did a really obvious joke."


The streamer is not new to people trying to give her grief and has mastered the ability to roast those that come at her, proving that she is she is a force to be reckoned with.

Regardless of the troll attempts, she is crushing it on the platform in 2020. At the time of writing the Moroccan- Canadian has over 4.2 million followers on her channel, and continues to be one of the most watched personalities on Twitch.