Pokimane and OfflineTV Can’t Pronounce Dexerto

When we launched Dexerto in 2015 we didn’t envisage our name being one of the biggest sticking points, because surely it’s not that difficult to pronounce?

It turns out we were wrong, and we’ve heard almost every variation of the name. From Dextero to Dexetero, all the way through to people giving up and just calling us Dex, it seems to really get people into a pickle.

We’ve now addressed this point in our latest video, looking at an Offline TV podcast segment featuring Pokimane, Scarra, Toast and Lily Pichu. Not only will you get a full explanation of how to say Dexerto the correct way, but it should hopefully clear up a few misconceptions that are spouted on social media on a regular basis.
Have you been saying Dexerto wrong all this time too?