Poker staffer fired as Robbi Jade Lew cheating investigation ramps up

Robbi Jade Lew playing pokerYouTube/HustlerCasinoLive

The investigation into a controversial poker hand between Robbi Jade Lew and Garrett Adelstein has resulted in an employee for High Stakes Poker Productions being fired from his position.

The poker world was shellshocked in late September when cheating allegations were made in a bizarre $269 hand that saw Robbi Jade Lew make a hero call with just Jack high.

Garrett, who was looking for a club, 6, or Jack on the river to him up a straight, a flush, or even a straight flush, was perplexed at Robbi’s call, which made no sense to him and many others.

While Robbi gave back the money, the allegations of cheating have continued to loom over the poker world with the female player even challenging Garrett to play heads-up.

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On Thursday, Hustler Casino tweeted an update on the ongoing investigation as the controversy surrounding the poker hand gained mainstream attention.

Investigation finds employee stole Robbi Jade Lew poker chips

In the message, it was revealed that High Stakes Poker Productions had assembled a team of “experts” to investigate the hand and look into their security protocols and technology.

They say the investigation will also aim to see if any evidence exists of players using technology to cheat in streamed games and how secure their protocols are.

High Stakes Poker Productions also said that it plans to be transparent with its findings, revealing that some shady activities took place after the broadcast had ended.

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According to the report, while reviewing video footage, investigators spotted Bryan Sagbigsal, an employee of HSPP, taking $15,000 worth of chips from Robbi Jade Lew’s stack.

Sagbigsal admitted to this and was subsequently fired and the Gardena Police were contacted. However, Lew does not wish to press charges so there will not be a criminal prosecution. Hustler Casino offered to reimburse Robbi for the stolen funds.

In any case, the investigation is still ongoing and it remains to be seen if there really were any cases of cheating live on stream.

Poker isn’t the only “sport” to have a cheating scandal lately. In the world of chess, Hans Niemann was accused of cheating after defeating the world’s top player, Magnus Carlsen.

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The allegations have resulted in all sorts of wild theories such as the use of an adult toy to receive signals about which moves to make against his opponents.