Pokemon card streamer’s box opening ruined as her hair catches fire

Twitch streamer Woofy next to Pokemon Trading Card Game collectibleTwitch: Woofy / The Pokemon Company

A Pokemon Trading Card Game collector’s Twitch stream was brought to a halt after her hair accidentally caught on fire. The streamer was opening TCG booster packs live in front of viewers before things turned scary.

Despite making its debut in 1999, the Pokemon TCG has seen a major explosion in popularity on livestreaming services in 2021. Fans flock to watch their favorite streamers chase after the rarest collectibles.

Twitch streamer Bri ‘Woofy‘ Kristine’s was opening Pokemon cards live for her audience when the broadcast took an unexpected turn after her hair suddenly got caught on fire.

Twitch streamer Woofy putting out her hair on fier during Pokemon card opening streamTwitch: Woofy
The Twitch streamer was opening Pokemon cards live when their hair caught on fire.

Pokemon card Twitch stream goes up in flames

The popular streamer was opening the Japanese TCG set Shiny Star V in search of the rare Charizard VMAX card. An hour into the broadcast, Woofy bent down to pick up booster packs and when she re-emerged on camera, her hair was on fire.

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At first, the content creator didn’t realize what was going on but eventually started to smell burning as the fire spread across the top of her head. Things quickly took a scary turn as the streamer frantically started patting down her hair with her hands.

“Oh my god! OH MY GOD!” the Twitch personality yelled, putting out the flames before becoming absolutely stunned by what just happened. After the situation fully hit her, she then told viewers, “Ew, I hate the smell of burning hair!”

A viewer clipped the moment and sent it to the Twitch streamer, who was shocked when she saw how much her hair had actually caught on fire. “Oh my God! Oh my God, my hair was ACTUALLY on fire fire, bro. I was ON FIRE!” she exclaimed.

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She then explained that it was a candle that caused the scary situation. “I have a candle that isn’t deep next to me. But usually, my candles are in a deep jar so I don’t have to worry about it,” she said.

Thankfully, Woofy wasn’t injured as she managed to put the fire out quickly. The streamer revealed that it was actually wax from the candle that tipped her off to the flames on her head.

“I had no idea. Literally, if wax had not fell on top of my hand, I would have had no clue. I would have had no idea,” she said. The Twitch creator was able to laugh off the situation, although it was at least a good reminder that even candles can become dangerous.

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