Pokemon card collectors are loving these two Drowzee cards 18 years apart

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Pokemon TCG collectors are gushing over the sight of two Drowzee cards side-by-side, especially since they were released 18 years apart.

Similar to any other hobby, Pokemon card collectors have their own preferences within that hobby. For example, some may collect nearly every card they come across.

Others may only purchase and trade cards for specific characters or character types. And then there are those who like accumulating cards illustrated by certain artists.

Tomokazu Komiya counts as one such illustrator who’s made a name for himself in the Pokemon community. His work with a certain psychic-type Pokemon is currently generating quite a bit of buzz on Reddit.

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Pokemon card collectors are loving these two Drowzee cards

A user by the name manytinyhumans shared photos of two different Drowzee cards in the TCG subreddit. The pair were released nearly two decades apart – one in 2005, the other in 2023.

What’s most interesting about the cards, however, is that both were designed by the same artist, the aforementioned Tomokazu Komiya.

It’s an impressive set to have in one’s possession, and trading card collectors seem to be nothing less than in awe.

Based on comments in the thread, Komiya is a fan-favorite artist. Said one person, “Tomokazu Komiya is the GOAT!” Several others chimed in to say he’s long been their favorite illustrator.

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Of course, the Drowzee cards themselves have gotten a lot of love in the replies below the Pokemon-centric post. “The new drowzee artwork is so good,” one user praised. “Man crushed the melancholic drowzee look,” wrote another fan commenting on Komiya’s work.

Notably, Tomokazu Komiya joined the Pokemon family at the start of the second generation in late 2000. He’s since gone on to illustrate well over 200 Pokemon cards to date, including those centered around beloved characters like Psyduck and Snorlax.

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