Podcast host under fire for saying video games are “for children”

Podcast host under fire for saying video games are for childrenTikTok: Seethethingispod

A podcast host has come under fire after a TikTok clip of her saying video games are “for children” went viral on Twitter.

With the growing popularity of games over the last few years, an increasing number of people have shared their thoughts on whether or not adults should enjoy them.

Influencer Mandii B and singer/Bridget Kelly host a podcast called “See the Thing Is” and during an episode in March, Mandii shared her thoughts about video games.

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It was posted on Twitter on May 30 and quickly went viral with people roasting Mandii’s thoughts in the process.

Podcast host under fire after sharing video game opinion

In the post, Mandii makes it clear that she thinks video games are “for children.” Since being posted on Twitter, it’s been viewed nearly seven million times.

“I am an adult, video games are for children and so in dating, I would rather you have a hobby that’s not video games. Something that enlightens you,” she said.

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The guest, Khleo Thomas — who is widely known as the actor who played Zero in the movie Holes — quickly spoke up about gaming as a grown man.

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“[I’ve made it] very lucrative for myself. I grew up playing games like Final Fantasy 7, Mortal Kombat,” he said before Mandii mentioned she likes Mortal Kombat. “Name one Mortal Kombat character,” Khleo asked before not getting an answer from the host.

Those reacting to the clip on Twitter were quick to share their opinions with many of them being the opposite of Mandii B’s.

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“As an adult the goings on of ppl shouldn’t bother you this much,” one user replied.

Another commented: “So many people have this view, it’s like a weird form of superiority complex. ‘I’m more mature because I don’t play games’.”

“If the men want to play video games let them,” a third user said.

Many others, however, were more focused on the fact Khleo Thomas was a part of the clip with many of them not realizing he was still active on the internet.

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