Plus-size TikToker sparks debate asking for hotels to make hallways bigger

tiktoker sparked debate about body inclusivityTikTok: jaebaeofficial

A plus-size TikToker sparked a debate online after she listed 10 body-inclusive services that hospitality businesses should implement so that heavier individuals have easier access and more comfort.

Traveling in comfort is one of the better luxuries of life. Whether it be riding on the elevator up to your King sized bed, sharing drinks with friends poolside, or flying in first class, it’s always nice to treat yourself on vacation.

And for plus-size TikToker Jaelynn, it’s no different. Though she may not have the easiest time out in public due to having to maneuver her weight, she’s made an effort to jumpstart the debate over hospitality services needing to be more body-inclusive.

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Since finding that many places don’t alter their interior design or amenities to fit those of all sizes, Jaelynn has posted a video to TikTok listing the 10 things that places like hotels and travel services can improve on for plus-size people.

TikToker Jaelynn didn't receive much support about her body inclusive ideas.Unsplash: colin lloyd
TikToker Jaelynn gave a lengthy list of how public places could make plus-size amenities more accessible and accommodating.

TikToker Jaelynn didn’t receive much support for her body-inclusive ideas

Being plus-size herself, Jaelynn knows what could be done for bigger individuals to feel more comfortable and accepted while out in public or traveling.

She feels so strongly about the subject that she took to TikTok to share her list of 10 changes that hospitality services should start adhering to. 

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Jaelynn began her body-inclusive TikTok video saying, “I’m on a mission to revolutionize the travel industry and make it a more accessible, accepting, and accommodating place for all.”

Jaelynn continued, “The needs of plus-size travelers matter just as much as anybody else’s.” She then began talking about her 10-part list of size-inclusive hotel amenities after saying, “We deserve an environment that respects our needs and body diversity.”

Jaelynn’s list of amenities that should be improved for people of all sizes included —

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  1. “Provide sturdy and wider chairs without armrests”
  2. “Ensure beds with strong support and a high weight capacity”
  3. “Make the elevators and hallways spacious” 
  4. “Install grab-bars in showers and near toilets” 
  5. “Train staff to be respectful, understanding, and accommodating to travelers of all sizes”
  1. “Provide pool lifts and handrails at the entry of the pool”
  2. “Hotel restaurants should have roomy seating options”
  3. “Offer larger beach and pool seating”
  4. “Hotels should include side-inclusive bathrobes”
  5. “Display clear and accurate information on these amenities on hotel websites”

After TikTokers viewed her video and heard the list of changes Jaelynn would like to see, a debate was sparked on whether or not she was asking too much from hospitality services.

Not many people supported Jaelynn’s suggestions, as most viewers thought Jaelynn should do something about her weight in order to fix the issues, saying, “How are you going to ask for things to change but you refuse to change yourself?”

As well as, “I used to be obese and what you’re talking about is not going to make life easier. It’s called eating a healthier diet, losing weight, and having a healthy lifestyle.”

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Some people even took to the comments to say it would be too expensive to make Jaelynn’s alterations, saying, “As someone in hotel management, many budgets simply wouldn’t allow for this. You’re asking for tens, hundreds, and even million-dollar adjustments.”

Though Jaelynn was faced with quite the criticism, she has continued to share her body-inclusive thoughts and opinions on TikTok, gaining followers along the way — whether they support her or not.

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