Player #067 reacts to “crazy” internet fame after viral MrBeast Squid Game video

Player 067 talks mrbeast squid game fame viral videoYouTube: MrBeast, Noah Beck

Camilla Araujo, also known as ‘Player #067,’ skyrocketed to internet stardom after appearing in MrBeast’s viral Squid Game YouTube video — and she claims the sudden fame completely blindsided her.

MrBeast’s Squid Game recreation was an instant viral hit, racking up over 130 million views in under a week and breaking several YouTube records in the process.

His rendition of the hit Netflix series was even lauded by the show’s creator, Hwang Dong-hyuk, and has become a major talking point regarding the “creator economy.”

However, MrBeast isn’t the only influencer gaining international recognition for his Squid Game magnum opus; one of the video’s participants, player #067, also found herself gaining major attention after appearing in the viral project.

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Camilla Araujo went from having 7,000 Instagram followers to a staggering 107,000 in just five days after MrBeast’s video went live… and she says the attention was totally unexpected.

In a December 8 episode of Noah Beck’s ‘Beckseat Driver,’ Arajuo explained exactly what went down after the video was released.


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Player #067 talks viral Squid Game fame

“I was actually at the movies watching Clifford,” she admitted.

“When your phone started going nuts?” Beck interjected.

“When I say ‘blowing up,’ I mean like, blowing up! I don’t even know how to describe it.”

“The video came out around 4, right? … I’m watching it, and I didn’t have a Twitter. People were sending me screenshots like, ‘Oh my god, everyone’s trying to find you!’ Then my Instagram starts going crazy. It was absolutely crazy.”

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(Topic begins at 7:20)

Funny enough, Camilla isn’t the only #067 to have a major increase in Instagram followers because of Squid Game; the actress for #067 in the Netflix show, model HoYeon Jung, received similar attention, gaining a jaw-dropping 20 million Instagram followers in the wake of Squid Game’s international acclaim.

HoYeon Jung in Squid GameNetflix
HoeYeon Jung found herself gaining major attention on Instagram after Squid Game’s release.

Although Araujo is currently attending college, she is a fan of content creation and has even started up her own YouTube channel with hopes of becoming an influencer and “giving back” to others in the style of MrBeast.

Considering her massive success from just one video appearance, there’s no telling where life will take her next!

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