Pink Sauce review – Chef Pii’s viral TikTok sensation is a letdown

Pink Sauce image 1Dexerto

Influencer Chef Pii has released a new, FDA-approved version of her controversial condiment – but what does the new Pink Sauce taste like? We put it to the test.

Earlier this year, influencer and pro chef ‘Chef Pii’ began going viral on TikTok after concocting a bright pink condiment called ‘Pink Sauce.’

Everyone who appeared in her videos claimed the sauce tasted delicious, and its bright color made her followers interested in the colorful culinary creation. However, when she started mass-producing and selling Pink Sauce on her own, netizens had issues with it.

Most notably, a few customers who had purchased a bottle of Pink Sauce found that their orders had spoiled in the mail during the hot summer months, while others noticed some inconsistencies in the ingredients listed on the label — not to mention the fact that a few of those ingredients weren’t exactly non-perishable.

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Pink Sauce coming to stores this fall 2022Dave’s Gourmet / The Pink Sauce
Chef Pii’s Pink Sauce is a viral internet sensation – but not for all the right reasons.

After the backlash blew over, Chef Pii partnered up with Dave’s Gourmet, a hot sauce company based out of Texas.

With their help, Chef Pii’s Pink Sauce is now an officially FDA-approved food item that’s safe for human consumption… but does the final product live up to all the hype?

We got our hands on a bottle of Pink Sauce and decided to test it out.

At first glance, the infamous Pink Sauce isn’t exactly pink. Instead, it’s taken on a comparatively orange hue — which is slightly disappointing, considering its name. It’s Pink Sauce, after all, not Orange Sauce, and its novelty is possibly peoples’ main reason for purchasing it in the first place.

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Pink Sauce image 2Dexerto
Pink Sauce is more like ‘Orange Sauce’ now.

The consistency of Pink Sauce isn’t thick and viscous like blue cheese, for example. Instead, Dave’s Gourmet’s Pink Sauce is slightly watery, but not completely liquidy, and just fine for dipping in fries and chicken tenders.

What does Pink Sauce taste like?

But let’s stop waffling and get down to brass tacks. What does Pink Sauce taste like? The answer isn’t as bombastic as one might hope. In a word, I’d describe it as… Underwhelming.

After the bright visuals of Chef Pii’s Pink Sauce took over the internet, I expected something that would zap my taste buds into shape with a spicy/fruity flavor combo.

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Instead, I feel like I’m dipping my chicken tendies in a tub of watery spicy mayo that hopes it’ll taste like Ranch dressing someday.

How much is Pink Sauce?

Pink Sauce is currently retailing for $7.99 per 13-ounce bottle, although this is a discounted rate, with the usual price being listed at $9.99.

Is Pink Sauce vegan?

Pink Sauce advertises itself as vegan and gluten-free, so this sauce might be a dipping option for those who can’t eat other condiments with similar flavor profiles.

Pink Sauce review score: 2/5

The satisfyingly spicy kick is the best thing about Chef Pii’s Pink Sauce, and, if I were to be kind, I could see it being serviceable alongside most entrees and meats. It’s certainly not an awful product, especially considering the fact that it’s both vegan and gluten-free, but there are a wealth of better condiments out there.

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While it may be approved by the FDA, it isn’t really approved by my taste buds — and if you’re expecting more from the viral Pink Sauce that took over the internet this summer, you’ll be sorely disappointed.