Pink Sauce chef hits back at health concerns: “You are judging a prototype”

Virginia Glaze
Pink Sauce chef speaks out amid health concerns
YouTube: Carly Pii / Instagram: chefpii

The chef behind TikTok’s viral Pink Sauce is speaking out amid health concerns regarding her internet-famous product.

Pink Sauce is the latest food-related item to take over TikTok. The platform has spawned a slew of viral vittles in the past, including its famous air-fried “pasta chips,” not to mention a slew of ‘secret’ Starbucks drinks.

Now, the net has turned its attention to Pink Sauce, a bright pink condiment created by TikTok user and professional chef ‘Chef Pii.’

The colorful creation went super-viral in the span of a single month, prompting Chef Pii to start selling her product in bottles across the United States… but it wasn’t long before her small business sparked concerns.

pink sauce
Chef Pii
Pink sauce is a super-pink condiment that is sparking concerns across the net.

Notably, netizens noticed a typo in the bottles’ nutrition label, which claimed that each bottle contained 444 servings of 14.4 grams — which would amount to nearly 15 pounds of sauce.

On top of that, viewers pointed out that one of the ingredients listed in the sauce was dried milk, a perishable item that TikToker Justin English worried wasn’t properly stored or shipped.

Still others found that the color of the sauce seemed to vary wildly from bottle to bottle, with some bright pink and others more muted. (Chef Pii uses dragon fruit in her sauce, which appears to give the condiment its pink coloring.)

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Chef Pii responded to the concerns in a TikTok on July 20, clarifying that the “grams had gotten mixed up with the serving size” regarding the sauce’s nutrition label.

“This is a small business that is just moving really really fast,” she said.

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On July 21, Chef Pii went live on YouTube and TikTok to respond to further backlash after netizens worried that Pink Sauce contained perishable ingredients, like mayonnaise, that weren’t being properly stored or preserved, citing concerns of possible foodborne illness.

“You are judging a prototype,” Chef Pii claimed in her live stream. “A prototype is when a product is not an official product. Pink sauce has only been an official product since the first of July.”

“I would like to acknowledge that the Pink Sauce is made in a commercial facility,” she continued. “The Pink sauce is made in an FDA approved commercial facility here in Miami, Florida.”

“We are dedicated to the quality of the Pink Sauce and we care about y’all’s health concerns.”