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Pez dispenser loading trick goes viral on TikTok — but is it real?

Published: 29/Jul/2021 11:19 Updated: 29/Jul/2021 11:24

by Georgina Smith


A hack that appears to make loading a Pez dispenser easier is going viral on TikTok, but not everyone is convinced that it’s actually possible.

Over the past couple of years, TikTok has become a hotspot for life hacks and trends that go viral and spread across the platform at an insane rate. But sometimes these tricks can turn out to be false, leaving users disappointed.

Pez is a candy that many have fond memories of from their childhood, and something that plenty of people, both young and old, consume to this day.

It’s popular largely in part due to its unique method of consumption. The candy itself can be bought in standard wrappers, but then are placed into specifically designed dispensers to make eating it easy and fun. The dispensers come in a range of colors and designs, with some people even collecting them.


A hack is now going viral on TikTok that appears to make loading the candy into the dispenser a lot easier, making the process almost instant.

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Those showing the hack can be seen putting the wrapped candy into the dispenser, pushing the top down, which simultaneously peels the wrapper and perfectly loads the candy in one instant.

Videos showcasing the trick have millions of views and likes, with many in disbelief that they hadn’t heard of this seemingly simple solution up until now.

However, it looks like not everyone is convinced. Some users have tried the hack out for their own videos, but they haven’t been finding much success.


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Some have been saying that due to the hard piece of plastic under the part of the dispenser that holds the Pez, it’s not actually possible for the candy to be inserted.

In the comment sections of these videos, many said they tried it for themselves too and got a similar outcome, leading to some disappointed candy lovers.